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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

So It Begins....Spring Cleaning

Every now and then, I will catch an episode of Hoarders in hopes to help me feel better about my own situation. Before anyone jumps to conclusions, I am NOT a hoarder and you can walk through my house with ease. The problem is with my husband, although not quite as extreme as what you see on the show. He does have a bad habit of collecting little things that will NEVER be of any use. When I want to toss it out, I have to wait while he is at work and discard it before he returns home. Every now and then I will be lucky enough for him to agree to tossing some paper with an old number or a wire that has no use at all.

The Spring cleaning has started today in my bedroom. At first I thought I would organize, toss out, and then give it a good wiping down. After filling up two trash bags, the wiping down will have to come later. Yes, TWO trash bags....SO FAR!!! May not seem like much, but a few months ago we switched rooms with our boys------filled up SEVEN trash bags! Is there reason behind my husband's hoarding? Yes, there is and it's a result of a head injury he endured from a car accident in 1993. He has actually gotten a lot better! There is no more of saving this and that or bringing home something that will just get tossed to the side. It is just a matter of finishing my project from a few months since I was guilty of it myself. I would get things tossed out then just got tired and stashed it somewhere else. Finally, I am getting around to it!

The fact that I have spent only an hour in our room and already got quite a bit done is an accomplishment. I am not stressing over it too much, and I am thinking of the end result which will be a neat and organized room. It is coming along easier than I thought. My focus will be on one or two areas of the house. Today, the focus is on our room then moving onto our boys' room. If it does not get all done today, no worries! It may take a month, but it will get done! Meantime, if I don't venture back online--check any mental facilities to see if I have lost my mind in the process ;)

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