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Friday, March 29, 2013

March Fave Five

It is that time for favorite photos of the month! Seems like a majority of the ones taken this month were while we were on vacation, but I still have at least one or two more I have yet to share at that time. We have an Easter party with family on Saturday, and I was going to wait until after that to do the March Fave Five. However, that will be a post all in its own :) Now introducing the Fave Five!

At the beginning of March, a retirement celebration was held for the chief of the local volunteer fire department. I've met him a couple times before. He is a very respectful man who worked very hard to get the department where it is today. A department of hard working individuals who truly are like family.

My daughter by heart had her baby shower on St. Patrick's Day. She is expecting her third baby boy! Heather is also very creative when it comes to food. She made cakes for both my sons for their birthdays. Also, she made adorable cupcakes in a jar--using baby food jars!

Found these beautiful and delicate little blooms at the park just a couple days ago! Finally, something new to add to my Etsy shop.

Kaden loves the merry-go-round! I love his smile! He is so energetic and loves the outdoors.

Finally, my favorite place---Galveston at the beach. Taken just before we headed home, and I got a bit teary eyed. It was such a gorgeous day taht I wished we could stay a little longer.

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