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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Time at the Fire Department

From time to time, I love to go to the fire station and take photos, even if it is repeats. The reason for repeats is because I am forever trying another angle or just even inch closer or further away. This is something I just love to do for them because this station has already done so much for the community. I went twice last week to first take photos of my closest friend and his two kids--his son managed one or two photos then hid from me :) The second time, he helped me make something I dreamed up in my head come true.

Lately I have been more drawn to composite photography. After searching for numerous tutorials, I finally decided to do it on a whim. A few years ago I gave it a try, but stopped for a good bit before doing it again. Every now and then I just like to challenge myself; seeing what else I can learn. It is a work in progress, but always so much fun learning as I go.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

So Long Summer Break

What happened to summer break? It seems just like yesterday Kaden and Kody were excited about their last day of school. Now, here we are at the final week of break. While our summer did not go exactly as I had hoped, I'm very relieved that my boys say that had a great summer.

I had hoped for a mini trip to anywhere here in Texas. Our house had other plans for us with back to back repairs. I have learned that some things actually do happen for a reason so just made the best of it. We had our fun going to parks, swimming at my sister's house, 4th of July with my side of the family, fireworks, and the usual outside time. What amazes me most is when it was 105 degrees they were so anxious to go outside and play. When the temps cooled off to a pleasant upper 80s to lower 90s they wanted to stay in the house. I eventually did convince them to spend more time outdoors---every single day they took great joy in playing in the hose. My boys are pretty easy to please. Just give them the outdoors, bikes, a hose, and they are quite content.

Other than the chaos of repairs, our summer has been quite content. We may not have been able to have our little trips elsewhere or squeeze in any camping, but we still made memories as a family.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Dr. Seuss Baby Shower

On Sunday, I attended a baby shower for someone very special to me. I've known her for 30 years (since I was 6 years old) and always loved her like a big sister. Our families have seen each other through good times, bad times, silly times, and stressful times. Now, we are seeing her through the most amazing time....her pregnancy. This one is extra special considering her oldest son just graduated from high school and her other son will be a junior in high school. The baby has been a pleasant surprise and a blessing!

The Dr. Seuss theme was her oldest son's idea, and it was made possible with not only his help but with the help of my sister and his good friend's mom. They did a fantastic job! Signs were put saying "Welcome to Whoville" with clever little rhymes. I felt like I was attending a shower at Whoville! It was so magical and whimsical. Even the food was colored to match the theme, and of course there were green deviled eggs. Never did see any ham though... We were all asked to bring a book with a special note written inside. A couple books the mama got teary eyed, making us all get the same way; although, it was a happy teary eyed. Her heart truly shines through, and she gives a whole new meaning to that pregnant glow.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Best Friends Photo Shoot

These girls are amazing and definitely will keep you on your toes! T is actually the daughter of a close friend of mine who I have dubbed my official model whenever I need a photo taking fix (which is usually just about every single day). I have known her almost her entire life, watching her grow into a strong, determined, and beautiful young lady. She is one of many that I consider to be my niece by heart. I adored her best friend J who is addicted to Harry Potter and an intelligent and beautiful young lady as well. They never complained about the heat or the fact that I lost my keys......yes, I lost my keys and my dear husband had to come to my rescue 30 minutes away. T and J suggested to just take more photos while we waited, and it did make the waiting go by much faster. Just goes to show no matter how difficult a situation, they are troopers who make the best of anything.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

A Princess Photo Session

For the longest time, I've always wanted to do a princess or fairy tale type photo shoot. I finally got the chance to do one! It was also with a little girl that I got to photograph nearly a year ago. At the time, her photo session was one of my very first ones as I tried to build up a portfolio. She was full of smiles, giggly, active, and just too sweet. One of the best parts was when I had her cup her hands together and look down at them; imagine she had a butterfly in her hand. Her mom put a leaf in her hand and told her to pretend it was a butterfly. She just wrinkled her nose and said, "But, it is a leaf!" After a few tries, she finally gave in and let her imagination soar. When the photos were posted with the butterfly overlay, her mom said she made the sweet remark, "Wow they did come! They pop out of the leaf!"

And I now introduce to you "Princess Lexie"

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Fun, Loving, Outgoing

Fun, loving, outgoing....this perfectly describes the family session I had over the weekend. A few months ago, I was honored I got to photograph their youngest son for a cake smash shoot. It was my first ever cake smash, and I am so grateful they gave me a chance! Now, here we are in August and they were excited to for a family session. Each one of them is so outgoing and you can see the love between all of them. When photos speak a 1000 words, it is obvious with this family--they are close and love spending time together.