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Monday, March 4, 2013

Manic-less Monday

Oh sweet Monday and the silence in the house other than the television! I might be the only person on Earth who does not mind Mondays one bit. Although I do miss my boys while they are at school and husband is working, it is just so nice to be able to sit and relax. The house could use a little straightening up, but this is just my day to unwind. At some point I would push myself and stress over the cleaning, but I finally got to the point where I need to learn to slow down. I was so bad that I HAD to do certain things on certain days. Every other day, I had to do laundry and clean the bathrooms. The kitchen had to be cleaned every single day. Polishing furniture was done twice a week. I was to the point of OCD that if I missed a day of doing anything, I would seriously because overly stressed out. It took me a long time to finally just slow down. Did I do away with my schedule? I admit, I still have a schedule I like to go by. Now, it is laundry each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The bathrooms still get cleaned every other day, and I keep with the dishes on a daily basis. As for polishing the furniture, that is now once a week on any day of the week. Vacuuming gets done once or twice a week depending on how much we are in and out of the house, etc. If the house is not 100% spotless by the weekend, I just shrug it off because that is time to enjoy with my family outside or a day at the park. Anything important like running errands or going to the store, I have learned to take care of while Kaden and Kody are at school. If I'm lucky, I will get dinner going at 3 pm, at the latest 4:30 pm. Living in a house full of guys, I've learned that a quick snack just will not hold them over until 6 pm. The quicker I have dinner ready, the better! We then have the evening doing as we please. Homework gets done, baths, and snuggle time on the couch watching Disney Channel every evening if Kaden and Kody are not busy with drawing and coloring----sometimes I will even join them. Mondays are not manic for me, but the rest of the week can be at times. So, as I ignore the buzzing of the dryer, I will take the chance to enjoy this day before the week gets crazy---need to get ready for our vacation :)

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