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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April Fave 5

A couple weeks ago, I went to my special little folder that holds the various months for the various years----I gasped when at the time I had only one day worth of pictures! That was soon corrected when I got to visit my daughter by heart, and take pictures of her sweet babies. One will be a year old in May and the other one is almost 3 weeks old.

Just a few days later, was my niece's 9th birthday so I managed to get caught up. I'm still bummed that I did not even take my camera on the grown up camping trip. There was many great photo moments such as my husband using electrical tape to hold a bottled water onto a stick. He used this to hold over the fire to heat it up for coffee. And then my dear brother by heart who uses stumps as foot stools. Country boys can survive!

May will be much better with all the fun things we have planned with the kids each weekend, and I am very ready for it! Now for the April Fave 5....

Kaden is loving the new play equipment our local park finally put in! Here is having fun on some strange play thing yet it is rather cool looking. Eventually, I will get full shot of it.

A rare moment when my husband and Kaden fall asleep in the afternoon. Both had a very tiring day!

The newest addition! James is the almost 3 week old I mentioned earlier in the post. Such a sweet baby!

My attempt at taking picture of a fire.....and I was bored.

Kody used to hate water that was not from the bathtub! This was the perfect photo moment of him smiling and having fun on the water slide.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

I've Been Awarded

When I logged onto my blog the other day, I was surprised to see I was awarded what is known as the Liebster Award from Being Positive with a Depressive Soul and I get to list not only random facts about me, but answer a few questions.

Random Facts About Me

I used to despise cooking! Just give me the boxed stuff or a quick fix spaghetti and I was good. Recently, I discovered a couple awesome recipe sites and actually been learning to cook more. Now, I love it! It is nice to have a refreshing change. Turns out, I kick butt on strawberry pie!

I am unable to conceal when I am upset about something, but sometimes people get confused with facial expressions thinking I'm upset when really I am not.

I'm far from being a crafty person! Luckily, my boys are big into drawing, making things, and have great imaginations.

If I had my way, we would go camping every single weekend.

I hope to return to college one day so I can major in business and would really like to get at least a certificate in photography.

My 11 Questions From Jamie

Coke or Pepsi?

Neither.....I am a Dr. Pepper gal. That is my version of coffee for the mornings.

Why do you blog?

I had originally started the blog for my attempt at a photography business. For 6 months, I did gain a decent client base, however, I have recently put it on hold. Now, I just love to talk about anything and everything.

If you could change your name, what name would you choose?

I've always loved the name Aurora since "Sleeping Beauty" is my all time favorite Disney movie.

Beach, country, or city person?

Oh gosh I love both the beach and being out in the country. I've always lived in small towns so I am not big on the city life.

If you could trade places with someone for a day, who & why?

I honestly can't think of anyone I would want to trade places with.

Purses or shoes?

I could honestly care less. Just give me my flip flops and I'm good to go!

Chocolate or Peanut Butter?


What are your hobbies?

Photography, reading (really need to find a good book to read), writing, and just being with family and friends.

Favorite color?


Favorite musician?

Pink....love her songs and how they are not only catchy, but her songs actually have some sort of meaning to them!

Favorite blogger?

The Italian Bella Diaries which is by a close friend of mine, practically like a sister to me. She just tells it like it is and is not afraid to hold back.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Saturday

We celebrated Easter a day early this year. It threw me off at first, but in the end I was thankful we got an early start. Our local volunteer fire department had an amazing Easter event! They did an outstanding job with organizing the egg hunt. It was divided among age groups such as 0-1, 2-4, etc. and up to age 12. Not only did they divide up the age groups, they had posters showing approximately the time the hunt would start. They also had many games lined up for the day, but we had to leave around noon for Easter with my side of the family. Even the Easter bunny showed up for a visit :) I was so relieved that my 6 year old son Kody did not get frightened--a junebug frightens him (can't really blame him..those things are just ugly and strange).

The remainder of the day was spent at my parent's house with all the family and friends gathering. I swear I was stuffed and about to blow by the end of the day! The food was amazing, and I seriously came close to taking pictures of it! A friend of mine made bacon wrapped crab meat. All she did was take some imitation crab meat, wrapped bacon around each piece, and cooked until done. They were quite addicting! I do believe my grocery list got a tad longer because I think that will make a great snack. The kids got to do their egg hunt with eggs hidden in trees, yard statues, and even on a car with a gas tank door holding it in place. My older nephews always get creative when hiding them. And it never fails that by the time my dad mows, more eggs are found. One year someone actually did the dyed eggs......my dad did not appreciate the smell of running over an old one during 100 degree summer temps...dyed eggs I do believe are outlawed at their home now. Many memories were made on Saturday, Sunday was a day of recovering. Some may frown upon Easter being celebrated a day early. I did at first, but it seriously was nice to just sit and relax at home on Sunday. After all, it takes time to adjust to a food hangover.