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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Park Hopping Day

Sunday started out with rain in the morning, followed by a mild and sunny afternoon. After riding bikes with their daddy around the neighborhood, I decided to take our boys to three different parks. We started at the local park here in Liberty City. I was shocked they let their mama, the crazy camera lady, take their pictures! Kody rarely gives a real smile, but I do love catching those goofy expressions. It shows his silly and fun personality. Kaden will smile, but it is more of a shy smile. Although he sometimes looks uncomfortable, Kaden usually is asking me to take a picture in certain spots. Once we were done at the local park, I treated them to McDonald's and eating at the park in downtown Kilgore. We were delighted to see little yellow flowers starting to bloom as well as the cute little white ones. It was a bigger plus when I noticed the grass was starting to green up again. All this rain we have had is helping Spring make an early appearance. My all time favorite park--Synergy Park--was our final spot. Due to the morning rain and the previous night of rain, the creek that flowed from the look was going strong. It was so peaceful and relaxing! Actually managed to venture further down the path than normal, but I think I may stick with my usual spots for photographing. We spent about an hour at each park, but the boys were not even close to being tired. As soon as we got home, they were ready to play with their friends and ride the 4-wheeler with their Uncle Arien. I was proud of Kody when he decided to ride his bike like the other kids around the block with Arien. One would think all this fun surely would wear them out. They went strong all the way until 9:30 pm before they finally gave in to sleep. A special mommy and sons day turned out perfect!

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