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Friday, February 8, 2013

January Five

To give you an idea on just how much I love to take photos, I probably take close to 300 a month. It could be food, my cats, my children, friends, and just driving my husband crazy :) Sometimes, they do just sit on the computer for a while before I finally print them out. Every now and then I look through my Facebook albums---really fun when I come across a photo that even I forgot about. But, I think another great way to share them is posting my Top 5 favorites for each month.
My adorable niece by heart Brianna. She is at the age where she is just tired of being around boys so I thought she was missing her neighborhood gal pal. Turns out she was just seriously focused on collecting rocks.
If I get the chance to get a photo of my friend Kardo, you better believe I will take it! He is not a fan of being in the front of the camera. Kardo is just like me, and prefers to be behind the camera. The past two years he has been one of the greatest help during my photography journey. Jonathan is also just like his daddy when it comes to the camera, shaking his head or giving me a funny look.
Like most kids, both my sons love Legos. They are slowly building up a nice collection of them. While shopping for Kody's birthday present, I came across this set. I was just tickled with a little Lego fire coming out of the little Lego dumpster.
A beautiful, cool sunny day makes for a ride around the block on bikes and the 4-wheeler. Arien aka Bubba with his two kids plus my two kids. He definitely gave them a work out going around the block several times. Eventually, the kids got tired and just wanted on the 4-wheeler that I nicknamed "Jolly Green Giant".
Finally, my diva kitty Bubbles who just loves to steal my spot in bed. And she always looks at me with that innocent look, meows, and then stretches. Yes, she does know she is queen kitty of the house.

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