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Friday, January 11, 2013

Week 2--Innocence

Photographer's Connection Week 2 of the 52 Week Photo Challenge is Innocence.

When I think of innocence, I think of sleep. Children do have pure and innocent hearts, but as they are drifting to a land of dreams their innocence just seems to really show. It is that moment when they are snuggled up in my arms when I just admire those sweet faces even more. A moment to feel so blessed to be their mommy. My oldest son Kaden fell asleep on our bed a couple nights ago, still in his clothes from the day. One thing he seems to enjoy doing his tormenting his little brother. I often wonder if he torments him in his dreams, too? Seriously, chances are he is dreaming of playing on a day full of sunshine, friends, and riding his bikes to anywhere he pleases.

My darling 13 year old cat Bubbles, who is a sweet and well behaved cat who I swear has manners. I call her my little queen diva. The only water she will drink is from the bathroom faucet....right from the faucet. She will stand on her back legs and wave her front legs when she needs loving, drink, or food. One her favorite spots to lay down is on my desk. If another one of our cats dares to jump on here, she is quick to hiss at them. She will not attack them, but give them a warning hiss. Bubbles is a kitty full of innocence and love...the perfect pet.

Now, for my niece by heart who I call Bumble Bre--she prefers Butterfly Bre. Enjoying a beautiful December day, just innocently gliding in the tire swing. After I took the photo, I asked her what she was thinking about. She replied she was "just relaxing". Decorating cookies and playing is, after all, a lot of work :)

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