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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Rock the Shot Photo Challenge

Rock the Shot

Rock the Shot Forum is having a photo challenge for "Favorite Photo of 2012". I spent the past few hours going through all my photos, trying to decide exactly which one I should enter. Finally, narrowed it down to my Top 5 then Top 3 and a #1 favorite....at least for this challenge :)

For this photo, I went a step further and challenged myself. It was actually more full of white so I went for my favorite actions, and just had fun with it. I just loved the look in Heather's eyes. I love the way she just looked far off into the distance towards the sun, as if she were daydreaming. Whether she was thinking of her two adorable boys, her baby on the way, or her sweet fiancee, I'm not very sure. It was just a moment I had to capture. She also is very special to me. I always call her my daughter by heart so being able to spend the day taking photos was just very special to me. We are looking forward to another day of a session, and hoping the next time we can get her fiancee in on the photos....he will be a fun challenge :)

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