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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Time at the Fire Department

From time to time, I love to go to the fire station and take photos, even if it is repeats. The reason for repeats is because I am forever trying another angle or just even inch closer or further away. This is something I just love to do for them because this station has already done so much for the community. I went twice last week to first take photos of my closest friend and his two kids--his son managed one or two photos then hid from me :) The second time, he helped me make something I dreamed up in my head come true.

Lately I have been more drawn to composite photography. After searching for numerous tutorials, I finally decided to do it on a whim. A few years ago I gave it a try, but stopped for a good bit before doing it again. Every now and then I just like to challenge myself; seeing what else I can learn. It is a work in progress, but always so much fun learning as I go.

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