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Monday, August 12, 2013

Best Friends Photo Shoot

These girls are amazing and definitely will keep you on your toes! T is actually the daughter of a close friend of mine who I have dubbed my official model whenever I need a photo taking fix (which is usually just about every single day). I have known her almost her entire life, watching her grow into a strong, determined, and beautiful young lady. She is one of many that I consider to be my niece by heart. I adored her best friend J who is addicted to Harry Potter and an intelligent and beautiful young lady as well. They never complained about the heat or the fact that I lost my keys......yes, I lost my keys and my dear husband had to come to my rescue 30 minutes away. T and J suggested to just take more photos while we waited, and it did make the waiting go by much faster. Just goes to show no matter how difficult a situation, they are troopers who make the best of anything.

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