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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

So Long Summer Break

What happened to summer break? It seems just like yesterday Kaden and Kody were excited about their last day of school. Now, here we are at the final week of break. While our summer did not go exactly as I had hoped, I'm very relieved that my boys say that had a great summer.

I had hoped for a mini trip to anywhere here in Texas. Our house had other plans for us with back to back repairs. I have learned that some things actually do happen for a reason so just made the best of it. We had our fun going to parks, swimming at my sister's house, 4th of July with my side of the family, fireworks, and the usual outside time. What amazes me most is when it was 105 degrees they were so anxious to go outside and play. When the temps cooled off to a pleasant upper 80s to lower 90s they wanted to stay in the house. I eventually did convince them to spend more time outdoors---every single day they took great joy in playing in the hose. My boys are pretty easy to please. Just give them the outdoors, bikes, a hose, and they are quite content.

Other than the chaos of repairs, our summer has been quite content. We may not have been able to have our little trips elsewhere or squeeze in any camping, but we still made memories as a family.

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