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Monday, July 8, 2013

June Fave 5

June was a rather difficult month with me having the feeling I was in my own movie of "The Money Pit". The air conditioner and plumbing were two major issues. We have since discovered it is time to replace the floor in the bathroom. After admittedly having tears of frustration, I picked myself up and just told myself, "We will get through this!" And so far we have. Air conditioner is fixed, and hopefully will stay fixed for a while!

Photography became my usual therapy to get me through all the chaos. I got to spend nearly two hours taking photos of my friend's daughter and her boyfriend. Also, my friend had a friend who is expecting a baby next month so I got to try out maternity photography. It is a learning process, but I still had loads of fun as did the mommy to be. While June was rough, it ended with smiles and fun!

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