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Monday, June 10, 2013

Nature's Beauty

One thing I love most about living in the eastern part of Texas is the beautiful scenery. We have trees, gently rolling hills, fields, and farms galore. During the Spring, yellow flowers pop along all over in the fields and on the sides of the roads. My dad owns a landscaping business so I get really excited when I visit and there are close to a hundred flats of flowers ready to be planted for his customers. Our sunsets are especially gorgeous after a storm is done and the clouds start to clear away. The sky is decorated with colors of orange, purple, red, and yellow like something out of a fantasy. I'm surprised I have yet to really photograph our sunsets and the vast countryside.

My passion is mostly in the flowers of any sort! If it is a plant that has blooms, I can guarantee I will be taking a picture of it. Well, except for instances when driving by a house, which will have flowers that I have never photographed. I worry I will get a questioning stare if I were to ask permission to photograph a complete stranger's yard. I have the same dilemma when it comes to all the farms that go on for miles. Perhaps one day I will get over that fear. For now, I will just enjoy the flowers in the Spring--from the dandelions to the wildflowers to the roses.

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