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Monday, July 22, 2013

Sunsets & Sons

I am getting spoiled to these partly cloudy days. As the sun goes down, the sky is brilliant colors of pink, purple, and blue--absolutely breathtaking. Some say that Texas sunsets are the best, and I have to agree :) For a while, I wanted to take pictures so I finally did over the weekend. Plus, got to "torment" my two sons with the camera. I was surprised they actually didn't mind, but they love the park just as much as I do. Although there is no playground equipment, they were content with the walking trail, a sock puppet, stuffed animal, and simply getting out of the house.

Synergy Park is a place I have mentioned many times. This has been my #1 favorite place for past photo sessions and to spend time with my family. I seem to always find new spots to take pictures, but also like to stick with spots I am used to. This time we went around to the back of the park during the evening hours as the sun was setting. The area has more of an open view, making it easier to get the sky in the photos along with my sons. Both of them did so very well! Of course, my youngest had to just show his silly expressions which I just love because that is his silly and outgoing personality shining through. My oldest wanted to look like a "serious, cool dude" towards the end. Despite how humid it was, both kept a good attitude--plus, it wore them out enough to go to bed at a decent time ;)

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