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Friday, December 28, 2012

Cozy Catch Up Day

It is a cozy and rainy day to play catch up. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! It certainly has been busy, but has slowed down a bit. We have our tree down and decorations packed away, which is always a downer for me considering I'm always into the holidays. We even had a nice surprise for Christmas day, which I will mention later in the post :) First, to catch up a little bit. I had another session before taking my official time off until February.
This family was lots of fun! They were so laid back and a cheerful group to work with. My most favorite spot for the photos was on a trail with all the brown and gold tints of the trees. I just love how the colors pop! We managed to finish just before a storm came through. If I had the right equipment, I would have taken pictures in the rain since the mom always wanted to have rainy photos. But, with lightning on the way, I think it worked out for the best :)
Looking back at this month, it is no wonder it went by so fast! We had our annual Christmas party with my husband's side of the family. This is always a special and memorable time, plus I admit the goodies we get are always a treat. A cousin said I am the family historian due to I always make sure I have my camera with me at every family event. December is also when we have the awards ceremony for Cub Scouts to attend. My son got several badges, and is very proud as am I. Cub Scouts has been a wonderful experience in the past year. He has worked so hard and has made many new friends. Even better, my nephew is in it as well! Now, I am not the world's greatest cookie decorator, but it sure is fun to get together with my sons and niece and nephews plus friends and their children to decorate cookies. We do this each year for as long as i can remember at my parent's house. Some interesting cookies were made, but so delicious! To add to my crazy camera lady persona, my friend got me a nice little treat--a Christmas tree ornament that is a camera. Each ornament on our tree is very special. My boys got to make several at school this year to help add to the nostalgic collection. Speaking of school, the third graders put on a Christmas program and dressed as elves. They looked adorable! One student even had a dance routine and was amazing! Our busy month wrapped up with a Cub Scout den party complete with boat races. The boys got to make boats made out of Ivory soap. They had a blast making them go by blowing through straws. The evening ended with snacks they got to make followed by a bit of a sugar high from the cookies and brownies LOL
Our surprise for Christmas 2012....snow! Well, it was forecasted, however, I never expected to actually stick to the ground. The last snowfall we got was Christmas Eve 2009. Christmas 1983 was the last time east Texas actually saw snow on the ground so this made our Christmas even more magical. I quickly got a few photos of my husband and I, which I am sparing the mushy one of us kissing. My sons had come in to warm up then decided to let me take a picture of them real quick. Of course, I had to capture my brother by heart as well :) We got an inch of it, but as my oldest son says, "Mimi gave us a Christmas present from Heaven!" Indeed she did, and it happened to start falling as soon as we got done seeing my husband's dad :)

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