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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Thankful Days in One

All over Facebook, I have noticed people doing 30 days of thankfulness. This is something I really enjoyed doing last year, but have already missed a few days this year. So, I am just going to do it all rolled into one day.
1. I have been blessed with two boys, Kaden and Kody, who always make me smile, keep me on my toes, and have such sweet and tender hearts...even when they are tormenting each other. My husband Justin, who I just celebrated 11 years of marriage with. I always seem to do things that make him shake his head and smile. Of course, I do the same to him in return :) 2. Sunshine and Moonshine! With each friend, each of us have a special bond with each other. For over a decade, Mandy and I have nicknamed each other Sunshine and Moonshine. I always said in a cheerful voice, "Good morning, Sunshine!" Her response, "You sure are chipper! Have you been drinking moonshine?" Ever since, the names have stuck. We had our ups and downs, but our friendship always managed to help mend everything. She knows how to keep me in line and be honest without it being hurtful. I would share a photo of her, but she may hunt me down LOL
3. Bubba by heart....yes, that is the Texan shining through. I do have a Bubba, real name Arien. Eleven years of being neighbors, five of them being close friends, and always like a brother to me. He works hard, is a lieutenant at the volunteer fire department, and an awesome dad to his two children. He is also impossible to stay mad at, and I have tried! We have seen each other through sadness, laughter, and anger. He has been a fantastic friend to my husband, and has even taught me to be patient with my husband. Many have noticed the special bond we share, and that is a bond that is impossible to break. 4. Crazy camera woman! Justin calls me this as well as the "Photo Junkie". Why do I have this included as being thankful? Because photography is finally the creative outlet I discovered after so many years. It helps brighten my spirits when I am feeling down. When it is a rainy day, I like to go through old pictures and laugh and cry. Many of them I will eventually do several edits. I've met other wonderful people since I started doing sessions in September. The work has been slow, but in all honesty I have been thankful for that because it is not tearing too much into time with my family. I am thankful that I have been blessed with a talent that emerged several years ago. I could write a book about on who and what all to give thanks. However, I do have to come to a stopping point so I can get up and do some housework. And, for that I am thankful since we have a home and I have my health to keep taking care of our home :)

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